The Big Bang Surfers

A polka band!

Born on a beach in Baja in 2015, “The Big Bang Surfers” dishes up a set of musical wonderment that stands the test of time! Who doesn’t want to meet the “Russian Seagull”, take a ride down the “Danube River” and then “Roll out the Barrel” of fun?

Comprised of Max Pugach on ukulele, Japa Kaur on accordion, Sam Frangiamore on guitar, and all three on vocals, this is an all-star cast of personality and talent that doest not disappoint! Audiences of all sizes, colors and ages get up and dance with this trio strikes up a lively set of waltzes, gypsy folk songs, calypso, homespun originals and of course, polkas.

From the sand in Baja to bars in San Francisco and back again, It’s time to polka your dots off!

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