I met Guru Rattana when I was a Junior attending Stanford University. My friend Steve Enstad kept encouraging me to go with him to Rattana’s class. I had tried other types of yoga before – Hatha and Vinyasa – and I assured Steve that I was not a “yoga person” and had no interest in attending the class.

Steve assured me that this class was different and that I would really enjoy it. Sure enough, he was right. After one Kundalini class, I was hooked. “I’m ready to climb the Himalayas!” I said.

Almost 30 years later, Rattana is still doing it! Writing books and teaching. Check out her website, which is a valuable resource for Kundalini manuals and videos.

Thank you, Rattana! Love you so!

I continued attending Rattana’s Tuesday evening class in Palo Alto, and upon her encouragement, decided to attend the “Summer Solstice” Kundalini Yoga gathering in the mountains above Espanola, New Mexico in the summer of 1999. I purchased a tent at the Goodwill and hopped on a Greyhound bus to Espanola.┬áThat was where I found my tribe.

Aside from a break during Covid, a year I was in India, and the year I gave birth to my son, I’ve attended pretty much every summer and winter solstice since then.

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