Pink Cadillac

Meet “Pink Cadillac”, a rock’n’roll & surf rock cover band started in the fall of 2022 when Chilean guitarist, Javier Cisternas, came to town, met Roman, who was unloading drums out of the back of his truck, and said he wanted to start a 50’s style rock’n’roll band. Javier asked me to join on bass, and although I was skeptical at first, and certainly not looking for another musical project at the time, I said I’d give it a try. The first time we jammed together was dynamite. Voila! The band was born…and what a ride it has been.

That fall, the three of us worked tirelessly to develop a solid 3-hour set of music. Our opening debut was at Teatro Pescadero after the closing night of a Shakespere performance. Oh what a night! Bonfire, balloons, and a crowd that didn’t stop dancing! And that was just the beginning…on to play the “Tropic of Cancer” Music Festival in Todos Santos just after the New Year, followed by a Valentine’s Day gig at Shaka’s Cantina, and a Saturday afternoon at the beach at Cerritos Tropical Restaurant and Bar. Wow – so much fun!

Then – March 2023, Javier decides to leave town, thus leaving the band sans guitar player and frontman. It’s some big shoes to fill, and we’re not sure if a person exists who is able to fill them! The Caddy stalls for a bit….but then….to our rescue…Enter Patrick Jeffords, of Daturas fame!

Wow…after a month or so of rehearsals, Pink Cadillac is up and running again. Weeeee! Our debut show at Todos Santos Brewing on April 9th was a huge success. Everyone is stoked about our new frontman! Especially Roma and I!

And so…the band plays on…Shaka’s, Quiote, again at the beach bar and looking forward to more…weddings, bar mitzvahs…we’re a band for hire!

Catch a glimpse our Valentine’s Day show: