Besides recording mantra albums, Japa also has written and recorded her own original music as well. Her most recent album, “Time Machine” was released in the spring of 2023.

The songs themselves are poetic, fanciful and deeply moving. Spoiler alert – there are a couple tear jerkers in there. As Japa said about one of the songs, “the beauty of this track is worth the pain of the experience.” As with many of Japa’s originals, each song was born from a true-life adventure, evoking the emotion that accompanied the episode.

Ultimately, they’re all songs about love, in one form or another. One listener called it “medicine music – with a message that everyone could use right now”.

Special thanks to Matt Haeck and Trevor Parks who worked with me in the studio at Pantheon 19, Todos Santos, B.C.S. to bring the songs to life. These accomplished musicians contributed their talents on guitar, bass, vocals, and at the control board in the co-creation of each of the tracks. I’m stoked how it all came together – and the final result is exquisite.

Another big thanks to goes out to the ever-fabulous Kate Turning for her talents and dedication in creating the artwork for the album.

Have a listen….and please enjoy….”Time Machine”

Album available for purchase on the following platforms….

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A year prior, Japa went to Nashville and recorded an album of original songs called “Cowboy Lover”

The album includes fun, humorous songs from the heart – true stories brought to life by an incredible team of musicians, co-writers and recording engineers. Thank you all – including the boys who inspired the music! – for bringing the songs to life.

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