The name “Japa” comes from a Sikh word that means “to repeat, or chant; meditate”, literally, “to repeat the name of God”. Besides composing and singing and her own original songs, Japa also enjoys singing mantras and leading kirtans. She has been a regular performer at the Kundalini Yoga Solstice festivals in New Mexico and Florida, performing for classes, Gurdwara and morning Sadhana.

Completed at the Summer Solstice, 2022, Japa presents “Chanting the Name”, an album of six 11+ minute mantras to heal, uplift and feel good! This is a self-published album with Japa performing all vocal tracks plus guitar, bass and clarinet. Percussion by Shiva Das.

The album is available on most digital platforms including:
iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music and Apple Music.

Adi Shakti

In the spring of 2017 I made a recording of the “Adi Shakti” mantra for women and mothers – honoring the power of the feminine. We sing this mantra at the 120 day celebration of pregnancy, welcoming the new soul that is on its way into the world.

I recorded this original version of the mantra performing all tracks, including guitar, bass and clarinet. Waheguru!

Adi Shakti Mantra on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify

Song of the Khalsa

“Strong as steel, steady as stone!”

When I first started attending the 3HO Summer and Winter solstice events, there were two things that kept me going to Gurdwara every morning: the prasad, and the chance to sing “Song of the Khalsa.” Now it is truly an honor to be invited to lead the sangat at these events with guitar in hand singing this uplifting anthem by Livtar Singh.

Japa’s recorded version of Livtar Singh’s original song, “Song of the Khalsa” available on Spotify,  iTunes and Apple Music.


When I first heard “The Guru Ram Das Lullaby” it melted my heart and brought me to tears. Now it is one of my favorite songs to play for my little one and also to perform at solstice Ransabais – all night kirtans. In May 2017 I recorded this version of the song, playing all tracks including guitar, bass and vocals.

Available on Spotify and iTunes


Japa’s Aquarian Sadhana Album:

7 morning mantras to uplift, heal, and help us transition into the Aquarian Age. Recorded with guitar, bass, drums, flute, viola and clarinet (thanks to the added talents of Amar Singh, Saib Amar Kaur Khalsa an Har Rai Singh.

Available on Spotify iTunes

A recording of the “Sat Narayan” mantra I did for a radio show in May, 2020, put to images taken from travels throughout the Bay Area, Lake Tahoe area, Maine woods and Baja. This mantra brings peace and emotional healing.

A recording of 11 repetitions of the “So Purkh” shabd. May the men in your life become saints! Chant it for the men you love and/or to invite a saintly man into your life. Images of the Golden Temple in Amritsar, India.