When Totopo Loco lost it’s drummer in the spring of 2022, Japa started searching for a new drummer for the act – at the same time solo drummer Roman Zlobin was looking for a front person for his act.

The two found each other at a music night at the local brewery and not only was Totopo resurrected but another band was born!

Over the next couple months, Roman and Japa sized up each others’s talents and drew from the best of what each other had to offer, creating a stage act with wide audience appeal.

Eclectica’s repertoire is a fun journey through various musical eras and genres – a collection of musical favorites that span a broad range of styles and flavors. From lively New Orleans piano numbers to classic Americana guitar favorites to the Beatles, 80’s pop bands and beyond, “Eclectica” surprises, delights and gets people dancing.

Their debut show, at “La Morena” in March of 2022 was a smashing success – selling out all tables in the Todos Santos restaurant ¬†even before the night of the big event.

Two days later, the duo performed again – at a “Poke Loko” in Todos Santos – lighting up the Saturday night dinner crowd with delight!

Click the pic to hear us

Three days after that, “Eclectica” teamed up with visiting South African celebrity Sharon Katz and performed to a packed house at “Quiote” in Pescadero. Oh what a night to remember! So much fun! The deck was rocking’! Can’t wait to do it again next year!

Click the pic to hear Sharon’s “Crazy Life”

A month later, Eclectica provided the live music & entertainment for a disco party in honor of Brewery owner, Liz Mitchell, to celebrate her 50th birthday. So much fun!! Many hours of rehearsal and preparation went into the show – which featured live vocals and drums to the tracks of disco classics such as “YMCA”, “I Will Survive”, “Stayin’ Alive.”, (and many more!) along with a costume contest, dance contest and trivia. The house was packed and everyone was on the dance floor – looking fabulous!

A month later, “Eclectica” put on another show at “Quiote”, turning a quiet off-season Friday night into quite the festive party! Drinkers and diners enjoyed sunset and a show from the deck of the restaurant while listening to the band’s now well-developed set of original favorites and stalwart covers. Toes were tapping and hands were clapping. Enjoy the summer off and we’ll see you in the fall!

We’re back! And rocking again – better than ever! The band has worked at polishing the set to include a dedicated live performance on keyboard, guitar, drums and vocals – mixing a wide variety of genres and eras with favorite Japa originals. Good times!