Music Update!

Don’t let the lack of posts over the past few months lead you to believe that there has been a lack of activity in the Japa musical world! Indeed, quite the opposite is true!

In the fall,  “Totopo Loco” (playing Japa’s original songs) was off and running with gigs around town…The Brewery, Birthday parties, and The Tropic of Cancer Music Festival.

Then, Chilean guitarist Javier Cisternas came to town wanting to start at 50’s style rock’n’roll band. He met Roma and I and the band was a go. Three months and 38 songs later we were playing gigs at the theater in Pescadero, the beach at Cerritos and on a festival stage in Todos Santos.

Meanwhile, Japa has been rocking a couple gigs solo style, playing at Shakti Bowl with Jenelle Aubade, The Main Plaza in Todos for the Baja 100 Art Festival, and at Todos Santos Brewery for the Women’s Week of Music celebration in March.

In addition, “Eclectica” – the Japa & Roman duo playing a fun (dare I say, “eclectic”) mix of songs from a wide range of genres and eras, with some Japa originals thrown in, both on guitar and keyboard – has been rocking around town as well.

The latest news is the switch up in the “Pink Cadillac” lineup. Since Javier left town, Patrick Jeffords stepped up to the plate and is now knocking it out of the park with his musical chops and theatrical flair as the new frontman for the band. Looking forward to rocking more with these guys…

Join us for the upcoming gig this Friday night! Woo!