Donut Day is a huge success!


June 3rd, 2016 – Julie and I take the Bay Area donut shops by storm in celebration of “National Donut Day”. Half a dozen pop-up concerts on the back of a pickup truck at donut shops in San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley. Of course, our title track, “The Donut Shop,” opened every show we played.

Japa’s song, “The Moth”, wins “Best Song of the Month” at San Francisco Songwriter’s Competition


Wednesday, May 25th, 2016 –

At the San Francisco chapter of the Westcoast Songwriters, Japa wins the monthly competition with her acoustic solo performance of her song, “The Moth”

Japa is now qualified to play in the yearly playoff competition in July.

“The Moth” is inspired by a dear love of mine who passed away in 2007. Michael and I shared the practice of Kundalini yoga. In this tradition, we chant the word “Akal”, which means “undying” or “deathless” to help the departed soul return home.

One day after Michael passed, I sat down with my guitar, “Rio” in a field of tall grass, which Michael referred to once as “Yogi Bhajan’s beard”. As soon as I sat down and started playing, a white moth flew down, landed on a piece of grass in front of me and stayed there the entire time I played.

As soon as I finished, The moth lifted off and flew away. This song is dedicated to you, Archangel Michael.