Music Update!

Don’t let the lack of posts over the past few months lead you to believe that there has been a lack of activity in the Japa musical world! Indeed, quite the opposite is true!

In the fall,  “Totopo Loco” (playing Japa’s original songs) was off and running with gigs around town…The Brewery, Birthday parties, and The Tropic of Cancer Music Festival.

Then, Chilean guitarist Javier Cisternas came to town wanting to start at 50’s style rock’n’roll band. He met Roma and I and the band was a go. Three months and 38 songs later we were playing gigs at the theater in Pescadero, the beach at Cerritos and on a festival stage in Todos Santos.

Meanwhile, Japa has been rocking a couple gigs solo style, playing at Shakti Bowl with Jenelle Aubade, The Main Plaza in Todos for the Baja 100 Art Festival, and at Todos Santos Brewery for the Women’s Week of Music celebration in March.

In addition, “Eclectica” – the Japa & Roman duo playing a fun (dare I say, “eclectic”) mix of songs from a wide range of genres and eras, with some Japa originals thrown in, both on guitar and keyboard – has been rocking around town as well.

The latest news is the switch up in the “Pink Cadillac” lineup. Since Javier left town, Patrick Jeffords stepped up to the plate and is now knocking it out of the park with his musical chops and theatrical flair as the new frontman for the band. Looking forward to rocking more with these guys…

Join us for the upcoming gig this Friday night! Woo!


“Cowboy Lover” is released!

Japa is proud to announce the release of her first solo album of original songs, recorded in Nashville and now out on most digital platforms worldwide. Yee-haw!

The album includes fun, humorous songs from the heart – true stories brought to life by an incredible team of musicians, co-writers and recording engineers. Thank you all – including the boys who inspired the music! – for bringing the songs to life.

Have a listen on:

Apple Music

Totopo Loco has a New Line-up!

Please welcome to the stage, Roman Zlobin on drums and Paul Wertin on bass!
Both are stoked and ready to rock!

Roman, Japa and Paul at Todos Santos Brewing 5th Anniversary Show, Todos Santos B.C.S.

The first gig in the new incarnation was a huge success, leaving everyone screaming for more. Luckily, more is on the way! Join us in El Centenario on Sunday, July 3rd for food, fun and fantastic music with your favorite band – Totopo Loco!

Japa Wins Songwriting Contest

April, 2022 – “Too Many Brake Lights”, a new song by Japa, co-written with David Harper, is selected as a winner by The West Coast Songwriters, qualifying her to participate in the yearly final event which will be held in July at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley, California.

Have a listen!

Japa Performs at Woman’s Music Festival in Todos Santos


Japa Performs at Woman’s Music Festival

It was a true honor to be featured among such an incredible lineup of talented female musicians during the week leading up to National Woman’s Day this March.

On the evening of my performance, I performed a set of original songs on keyboard, one on guitar, and a couple special surprise numbers on ukulele and accordion. It was a blast bringing out old favorites from the dusty Japa archives as well as featuring new songs that had just been born – on a recent trip to Nashville, Tennesee.

The bar was packed and the audience was attentive to the songs as well as the stories (mostly of boys in vans) that accompanied them.

The Band Has Been Busy!

Since the band was reunited after a brief summer hiatus, the trio worked hard (while pissing off the neighbors with amplified outdoor rehearsals) getting their chops up and songs ready. Since then it has been a flurry of gigging activity through the holidays and beyond! Shows have included appearances at Cerritos Cantina, Plaza Amigos, and two private birthday parties. Rock on!

A Band is Born!

Introducing Japa’s latest musical incarnation…”Totopo Loco”!

In the spring of 2021, Japa teamed up with punk rock surfers Mike Colacino (drums) and Rich Bennett (bass) to form a rock’n’roll power trio that’s taking the Baja peninsula by storm! Original rock and classic covers that keep you wanting more!

So far we’ve only performed at a couple local house parties, but momentum is building! and yes – we already have T-shirts!

Check out the latest action on the band’s Facebook Page

It’s official!

Waheguru! I will be leading the morning sadhana program (Recitation of the Japji prayer, Kundalini Yoga set and chanting of the Aquarian Mantras) from 4-6am MST for the eEquinox hosted by 3HO on March 20th.

The event will be held over Zoom. Free to attend. Donations welcome. Register here.

Yay! Should be a fun day of classes, music and yoga. Feeling honored to be kicking it off with the morning program. Sat nam.


Brewery Gig was a Huge Success!

One set on piano, one set on guitar. All original songs. Lots of stories, lots of laughs. Lots of fun. Let’s do it again soon!